Window Repair & Replacement in Northeast Ohio

Windows are an essential aesthetic and functional feature of your home. Properly installed, quality windows help trap cooled or heated air inside your home to reduce energy costs. Secure windows are also a primary safety concern, both for allowing emergency escape and keeping out intruders. Your home’s windows are also vital to its curb appeal, inside aesthetic and home value. Complete Glass and Mirror provides professional window repair and replacement to keep your windows operating effectively and looking beautiful regardless of damage.

If your windows have been cracked, shattered or your frames have been damaged, Complete Glass and Mirror’s professional installers will fit new glass and frames to any room. Choose a new, energy-saving design to update your home or maintain a classic look with a specific style. Complete Class and Mirror provides a wide selection of windows to choose from, so you find exactly what you need.

Whether you have a small crack in a single pane or need a complete overhaul for old, drafty windows, Complete Glass and Mirror can help.

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